My Studio: Hardware

Keyboards & Synthesizers

Sequential Prophet REV2

When Dave Smith Instruments released the Prophet REV2 I just knew I had to buy it! This is a very high quality synthesizer from one of the pioneers and at a very affordable price.  It is packed with features – there are so many modulation options compared to most other analog poly-synths and yet it is so easy and intuitive to use. I absolutely love this instrument!

Moog Subsequent-37

I have always wanted a Moog synthesizer and when I first tried a Moog Sub-37 I immediately fell in love with the sound and the features of this beast! However, before I had saved enough money to buy it the Sub-37 was replaced by the Moog Subsequent-37 so I bought that instead. 

Some may prefer the classic Model D for that classic warm fat Moog bass sound but I love the advanced features on the Subsequent-37. 

It sounds amazing, have a lot of features and is a great supplement to my REV2.

Roland Fantom-06

Back in high school I loved playing on the Roland Juno 106 in the music classes but sadly could not afford buying one myself. For some time I was considering buying either a Juno-X or Jupiter-X but after I listened to some sound demos and reviews of the Roland Fantom-06 I decided to buy this keyboard instead. I love the built-in sounds and with the ZEN-Core synthesis system it can be extended with other Roland synthesizer models like e.g. Juno or Jupiter.

MIDI Keyboards & Controllers

Native Instruments Komplete S61
When recording I often use VST instruments and for this the Native Instruments Komplete S61 is my master MIDI keyboard. I am a big fan of Native Instruments KOMPLETE software bundle and this keyboard integrates nicely with the VST instruments. Also I love the Fatar keybed! My only regret is that the updated Mk2 model was released just a few months after I bought mine…
Novation Launchkey 37 MK3

In some situations bigger is not better; I often use my Novation Launchkey 37 MK3 instead of my main MIDI keyboard when trying out stuff in Ableton Live because it does not take up much space on my desk and can quickly be put away for storage when using my desk for work instead of music. I previously used the smaller Launchkey 25 Mk2 but needed some extra keys so I upgraded to the Launchkey 37 MK3 instead. All Novation Lauchkeys integrate well with Ableton Live, which is the reason I chose this MIDI keyboard/controller.

Akai APC 40 Mk2

When working with Ableton Live I use the Akai APC 40 Mk2 to control faders, start/stop clips, record automation etc. Being able to quickly push buttons and turn knobs is much more productive than using only the mouse. This is much cheaper than the Ableton Push and obviously not as advanced but still gets the work done.

Recording equipment

Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 2nd Gen

The Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 (2nd Gen) is my current audio interface. Before this I had a more expensive audio interface from a different brand, but had a lot of issues with it (it would often lock up and require USB cable to be disconnected to work again). But the Scarlet 2i4 has proven to perform better on all parameters including low latency, excellent sound quality and also stability. My next audio interface is very likely to also be a Focusrite Scarlett model but with two headphone outputs (my model only  has one).

Allen & Heath ZED-10FX

The Allen & Heath ZED-10FX mixer has a very small footprint but provides me with enough mono/stereo channes to connect my synthesizers, microphones etc. I spend a lot of time reviewing different mixers from different brands before I decided on this one. Great build quality and very good sound quality. The built-in effects are the only weekness of this mixer – I prefer using VST effects in Ableton Live as that give me much more options and control. 

ADAM a5x
The Adam A5X active near-field monitors have a truly amazing sound for such small monitors. ADAM’s proprietary X-ART tweeter makes the AX series very recognizable and together with the 5.5″ bass/midrange woofer give you an impressive 50 – 50.000Hz frequency response!  The chamfered upper corners is also a key feature of the AX series – it helps minimizing edge diffraction and prevents phase cancellation. Inside the monitor has a special fleece for preventing disturbing internal resonances as well as ensuring a better bass reflex tuning
Røde NT1

RØDE NT1 is a 1″ diaphragm condenser microphone with excellent build quality and impressive sound quality. 

It has very low noice and a clear and crisp sound making it ideal for recording vocals but also great for recording acoustic guitars.